Above the Clouds

Mission Statement

At Stand Against Poverty, our mission is to help enhance the lives of underprivileged and vulnerable families residing within impoverished U.S. communities and Haiti.  Through a series of practical assistance methods, lasting plans of action and beneficial prevention programs, we are committed to the improvement of poverty-stricken neighborhoods both on our land and abroad.  In doing so, Stand Against Poverty is focused on the total eradication of poverty within the communities we serve. 

Ending extreme poverty is complex - and Stand Against Poverty is proud to be working closely with like minded partners who not only share our vision, but also enable us with good governance in order to develop ideas, create innovative solutions, and achieve sustainable results.   Our work is done through a variety of community-based enrichment including (but not limited to):  education, youth and women’s empowerment,  access to life-changing supplies, emergency disaster relief missions, nutritional and educational programs, environmental sustainability, adequate shelter, fostering business development, income-generating activities, mass power building programs, and job placements -- all done with the sole objective of helping families pull themselves out of poverty. 

Stand Against Poverty's resilient commitment to serving disenfranchised people within low wealth communities will continue to bring us one step closer to the eradication of extreme poverty in the United States of America and a better life in Haiti.