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Stand Against Poverty, Inc. is dedicated to helping deprived, excluded, and vulnerable families that are the victims of disenfranchised communities they live in. By providing practical assistance, developing lasting plans of actions and prevention programs to improve poverty-stricken neighborhoods of our land, Stand Against Poverty is focused on the eradication of poverty in the communities we serve. Community development programs that benefit families with children, combatting one of the greatest injustices in the world, human trafficking and protecting its victims in our country, is one of our major purposes.  Our programs extend from Disaster Relief to helping young men and women break the bondage of sexual exploitation here in the United States.  Providing educational, nutritional, medical and emergency shelter with legal and medical assistance to victims of human trafficking, runaway teens and homeless youths, have placed our organization as a must-have in our society, and one step closer to the eradication of extreme poverty in the United States of America.  With your support, we can definitely Stand Against Poverty!